WinUAE - Aros the OpenSource OS running on UAE and real hardware

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Installation of Aros Vision step by step

Download the Zip-File and unpack it somewhere on your harddrive (the file includes “System” folder so be careful not to overwrite existing folder)
Download and install WinUAE on your computer.
Start the configuration of WinUAE. Save the future “Aros Vision” configuration under a new name.
Now every screen step by step:

Cpu: 68020
No 24bit addressing
FPU: 68881
More compatible
CPU Emulation speed: fastest possible
Advanced JIT: FPU-Support

Chipset: AGA
Chipset Extra: A1200
No Immediate blitter, JIT direct, immediate blitter, Collision-Level: Sprites and Sprites vs. Playfield

Adv. Chipset
No changes

“aros-rom.bin” must be selected as “Main ROM file” and “aros-ext.bin” must be selected in “Extended ROM file”. Both are included in the “boot” directory of the distribution.

Chip: 8 MB
Z3-Fast: 512 MB

Hard drives
The “System” folder of the distribution must be included with “Add directory or archive” as Device “DH0”.

Memory: 256 MB
Match host and RTG color depth if possible
uaescsi.device and bsdsocket.library

Under “Settings” I would recommend “Full-window” for both Native and RTG (otherwise you get problems with the mouse in programs like AMOS).
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