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Tutorial General Aros Vision "Final"

Ideas behind the project
The idea for me was to do the perfect solution based on Aros. Perfect means for me to have everything what I need (or might need) available, updated and simple to use, if possible without needing the shell. If possible preconfigured. It is based on AROS 68k as free OS. Desktop is Magellan. Additionally it includes many additional components from Hollywood, AROS and Amiga (68k). This is combined and integrated by heavy configured Magellan.

In this version are many improvements integrated, including new ROMs (Bugfixes and improvements from Apollo branch), improved Multiview and Datatypes. Additional the new version of iGame and updated versions of f.e. MUIBase and WHDLoad. Source of new ideas was next to my own ideas and wishes discussions about other platforms and similar (mostly commercial) projects. My project is not commercial and offers more freedom. Because of that I have tried to implement as much as possible. Example is simple Backup/Restore to save f.e. user-startup and restore when problems arise.

Some of the features:
Inherits all features of Aros (Network, USB, RTG)
new roms (base change of ApolloOS)
new multiview and improved datatypes
modern preconfigured desktop (magellan)
many file formats can showed or played by double click
WHDLoad preinstalled using aros roms
ScummVM 2.6 and DosBox 0.74 installed
AFD and ISO can be mounted
full packer support including GUI
iGame to start demos and games
compiler integrated and preconfigured
many libraries, devices, commodities and handler additionally integrated
many shell commands added
update functionality
automatic download and installation of installer and fonts from menu
games, demos and picture for entertainment added
for many file formats are additional options added through context menu, f.e. conversion from other formats
support of file formats from other platforms like koala pictures (C64)
and so on

What is Aros 68k?

official website:

AROS is a open-source implementation of the 3.1-API with its desktop (wanderer) and is cross-platform available (f.e. for X86/X64 or ARM and 68l). Normally 68k software cannot executed directly because there is no JIT-compiler. Instead binaries must be compiled for every platform. Exception is Aros 68k where you can mix aros and amiga components. I make use of that extensively in my distribution to extend functionality. AROS is in many areas more sophisticated than 3.1 and includes components that require 3rd party components on 3.1.. This includes AHI, MUI implementation (Zune), network support, RTG (cybergraphx 3) and USB (Poseidon).

My Distribution

Idea is to create look & feel of amiga and to replace system components of original installation with AROS components and to extend the environment. This includes viewer and player, WHDLoad with aros roms, XAD to support packers and software like FTP client and PDF viewer. I have also replaced the limited wanderer desktop with Magellan and extensively configured to create a comfortable environment which makes use of as much as possible. Almost any amiga format is supported.

This is the start. Below is a docking bar to execute different programs (editor / calculator / calculator / SnoopDOS / Multiview / clock / screengrabber / DOpus4 / Aweb / FTP / Shell ). On the top there are ram drive, system drive, directory "work" and "Exchange". Exchange is a program for administration of the commodities.

Many functions are selected using menu on the top (right mouseclick). Also most programs are there direct accessible. A few examples (audio) are PlaySID and SIDBooster to play sid files. Hippo Player, SoundFX (SFX), CD-Player and BCDPlay to play music cd. Config REXXMAST start (error requester not important). At "developer" you can start ACE (compatible to amiga basic), Amiblitz3, AMOS (with many extensions) and AMOSUnity (AGA), After AMOSUnity closing you must reboot (this also happens with other programs and demos). Emulation you find DosBOX 0.74, ScummVM mit preinstalled games and other emulators (MasterGear, PC-Engine, Gameboy, MSX, NES). RAD offers RAD discs.

At tools many programs are accessible, including iGame. This software in installed in Extras/Tools.

In Work are games, whdload software (games and demos), samples (picture, mods, anims) and demos.

In sytem is a similar directory structure with applications as on 3.1. New is "Extras" where I installed all new programs.

On Extras there are subdirectories like Audio (music applications and player), Developing (all to program), Docs (documentations), Emulation (emulators), Internet (applications for web), Libs (Documentation for libraries), tools (additional programs), Work (game and demos).

With preferences you can change language (local) including time zones. This can be important because time is automatically synchronized. Input (language keyboard), network, palette, Zune (change the mui preferences), screenmode to change resolution. New is Assigns to define assigns independently.


I use Magellan as desktop replacement. This makes it possible to create a environment that was impossible on AROS before and makes using it comofrtable. The screenshot shows magellan preferences where f.e. background picture is defined. This you find at Settings/Environment.


One of the basic concepts of magellan is the "filetype". There you define what happens if you do a doubleclick on a file, which icon is used and the context menu is defined that opens if user right-clicks on the file. Identified is type by ending.

Examples of supported file formats:
directories (f.e. diashow, search files, pack)
Amigaguide (Multiview)
AMOS Basic
Images (f.e. ADF und ISO)
Picture (PCX, TIFF, Amica Paint, different Atari formats, GIF, IFF, JPEG, PBM, PCD, PCX, PGM, PNG, PNM, PPM, TARGA, TIFF)
many conversion options between the formats
Sample (IFF, MPG, WAV, MOD, SID, MED, AHX, DIGI, HivelyTracker, XM)
These can be opened by doubleclick and unpacked.

Magellan is a relative modern desktop, You can make a connection between desktop and a program or drop applications or directories on it. Every window can be made smaller or small and opened again by clicking. Every window can be closed by pressing ESC. With STRG-TAB can changed between the windows.

The commodities are administrated with "Exchange". Some of these are from AROS, others from Amiga.

this is picture shown with multiview


This is official page: https://aros.sourceforge.io/documentation/users/shell/introduction.php

I have more commands and handlers added.

mounting of ADF- and ISO files

ADF and ISO can be mounted by right-click on the file. Dismount by system menu.

Download from aminet

this is possible using Aweb or FTP. Both are possible using docking bar or menu on top. At FTP click connect and navigate to archive. With Aweb select archive and target directory.

development software

Integrated are many compilers and additional libraries


there are many games and demos in work installed. ScummVM can be started from emulation menu. WHDLoad in installed and with aros roms configured.


I have a number of amiga commodities and aros commodities installed in WBStartup


Music CDs can be played with Audio/CD-Player oder Audio/BCDPlay

Some impressions

Game in DosBox

All file formats supported by datatypes can be converted in IFF (with mouse)

Aweb can be used to download files from aminet, archive can be opened by double-click and browsed and then unpacked

DOpus in DOpus

Again a example of archive that is opened to unpack it

Alternative files can be downloaded by FTP

From all file formats supported by datatypes thumbnails can be generated by mouse

Koala images can be converted in IFF and then viewed

PDF opened

Window is made small and can be made big again by click

There are a number of commodities integrated. Some are from Aros 68k, others from amiga

Here a list:
Altabber     change windows
CalCom   calendar
Clipper       administration of several Clipboards
ConPaste   Text paste everywhere
DefPubScreen  Front Screen "default" make
Ned           close current windows with keypress
ScreenSelect Screen to front
SwitchWindow Replace of CBM "IHelp"
AltKeyQ  Ascii-chars with numeric keyboard
Blanker   screenblanker
ClickToFront  window to front
Exchange  administration of Commodities
WinZoom Shortkeys for Windows
Wcycle   change Windows
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