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Elektrotechnik Zenker
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Supported formats

In Aros Vision XAD/XFD are preinstalled. By this many different formats can be supported very simple. A selection of supported formats: ACE, AMIPACK, ARC, ARJ, BZIP, CAB, CPIO, Crunch, DMS, GZIP, LBR, LHA, LhF, PAK, RPM, TAP, TAR, WAD, ZOO, 7ZIP, BZIP2, LZX, RAR, TGZ, 7ZIP, JAR. The formats supported by XAD (including LHA or ZIP) can be opened by doubleclick in a GUI, the content browsed and unpacked.

This is another GUI to open and unpack archives.

Another way to unpack supported archives is by right-click on file. Directories can be packed by right-click (f.e. as ZIP or LHA).
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