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Images and Anims

Supported formats

AROS Vision supports many formats. These can be viewed or played by doubleclick. Exception is CDXL who can only played by using a separate player (Tools/CDXL_Player).

Supported are these formats:

  • APNG (Anim)
  • CDXL(Anim)
  • VOB (Anim)
  • YAFA (Anim)
  • AVI (Anim)
  • FLC (Anim)
  • FLI (Anim)
  • GIF (Anim)
  • IFF (Anim)
  • MPEG (Anim)
  • WMV (Anim)
  • BMP (Picture)
  • GIF (Picture)
  • IFF (Picture)
  • JPEG (Picture)
  • PBM (Picture)
  • PCX (Picture)
  • PNG (Picture)
  • PNM (Picture)
  • TARGA (Picture)
  • TIFF (Picture)

From these following formats are supported by Datatypes (Picture):

  • BMP
  • GIF
  • IFF
  • JPEG
  • PCX
  • PNG
  • PNM

Datatypes are offering many advantages. Software like Viewer can use formats in a standard way without separate viewers for every format and you can convert between the formats without additional efforts.

Aros Vision includes a new version of Multiview. This makes it possible to show all supported formats and convert pictures.

Another datatype viewer is MysticView

With PicShow you can show all pictures as Diashow.


From AVI files and all datatype formats you can create thumbnails

image conversion

Datatype formats can converted from one supported format to another supported format like BMP in PNG. Many atari formats (like GEM) in PNG. C64  formats like Koala, FLI or FLC in IFF.
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